Moment Masters Small Business Podcast

Episode 21 - Power of Connection to Create Results in Business and Life with Leadership Coach Alan S. Cohen

January 31, 2017

In this episode of the Moment Masters Show – show host Shakira M. Brown (The Small Biz Whisperer) chats about mastering personal connections with Alan Samuel Cohen who is a career catalyst, business accelerator and Coach Provocateur.

This episode is shares smart ways to take your business connections and relationships to the next level. Alan really knows his stuff and makes leadership and connections his life’s mission. If you want to go beyond the handshake and business card exchange to create connections that spawn opportunity, then check out this episode.

If you like what Alan has to say, you have the opportunity to meet him in person at Growth & Success Con 2017 on March 21, 2017 in New Jersey. Alan is among 20 business experts locked in to share their small business growth and success expertise. Don’t Miss it - Register now at

Note: There were some audio issues with this episode but it is still fantastic.


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Show Notes

To pick up Alan's books, request a free consultation or to access his free e-book visit his website at


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