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Episode 20 - Mastering Personal Productivity with Bill Walton - Moment Masters Show Small Business Podcast

January 29, 2017

People who manage to get a lot accomplished each day aren't superhuman, they've just mastered a few simple habits. Some may be easy to guess: Keep your desk organized and aim for around eight hours of sleep a night.

In this episode, Moment Masters Show Host Shakira M. Brown a.k.a. Small Biz Whisperer interviews Bill Walton, President of Bill Walton Sales Training, a national authority on client acquisition, who provides helpful strategies to help you rethink productivity in a way that will provide you with not only more efficiency but also a better sales strategy. Now who wouldn’t want that? Bill Walton is also one of 20 panelists locked in to participate in Growth & Success Con 2017, the small business conference designed by small business owners for small business owners taking place on March 21, 2017 in New Jersey. For registration and details visit

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For even more small business mastery tips attend Growth & Success Con 2017,where you can meet and learn from Shakira in-person along with 20 other business gurus will share their expert advice to run more profitable business to 100 entrepreneurs like you. It takes place March 21, 2017 for more details visit, for agenda details and location.

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