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Moment Masters Episode 41 - How To Grow Your Business Faster Episode 41 with Louis Gudem

July 17, 2018

MMS_GUDEMA_EPISODE_41_instagram-photo.jpgIn this episode of the Moment Masters Show, Shakira M. Brown, a.k.a. “The Small Biz Whisperer” welcomes back marketing expert and now published author Louis Gudema, founder of revenue + associates to the show. Gudema has released a more than 350 page, full color book titled, “Bullseye Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Faster” now available on Amazon . During his chat with The Small Biz Whisperer, Gudema provides a sneak peek of what you will find in his book. He also shares strategy and tactics for effective marketing.

If you are dying to learn the actionable marketing steps you can implement today with very little money, Louis Gudema has you covered!

Gudema says,” Many marketers, and non-marketing executives, are so focused on spreading the word about their great offerings that without realizing it they do this in reverse order. They start with programs in the outer circle like social media, content marketing (blogging, videos, speeches, etc.) and display advertising — which usually are among the slowest and most-expensive ways to generate new business — and they miss the great opportunities that are right under their noses. And because they do this backward they all too often have poor initial results and soon give up, saying, “We knew it: marketing doesn’t work for us.”

Louis Gudema is no novice at marketing strategy. Through his consulting firm helps companies from MIT startups and small businesses to the Fortune 500 increase their revenue by focusing on the fastest, least expensive and most cost-effective programs to get more leads and sales. Louis speaks frequently on marketing and business at regional and national events, and has written for such leading business sites as The Harvard Business Review, MarketingProfs, Chiefmartec, TechTarget, VentureBeat, Content Marketing Institute, and HubSpot. Louis also chats with The Small Biz Whisperer about being an upcoming speaker during Growth & Success Con 2018 Virtual Small Business Conference where he will share even more marketing insights.


Check out this episode to learn how you can optimize your business marketing strategy affordably AND effectively, plus discover some of the low hanging fruit marketing opportunities you have been missing.

Show Notes 

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